Speaking of screen partition, I believe you are not unfamiliar with it. In fact, it belongs to a kind of partition, which plays the role of dividing spatial levels, beautifying, windshielding, coordination and so on. To put it plainly, it is the effect of dividing functional areas and transition. Screens are common in family decoration, hotel decoration and office partition. So the key point is that there are glass screens, stone screens, metal screens and so on. What’s the most important thing to say today, of course, is the beautiful and durable metal screen. So next, take a minute to explain what a metal screen is, and take you to appreciate the beauty of different rigidity!

metal screen can be said to be a popular decorative partition in recent years. It is mainly customized. It is innovative on the basis of wooden screen partition. It has been replaced by metal on the basis of previous wood partition. Because metal has a long service life and corrosion resistance, and now metal has a variety of colors and styles, which are also better than wooden screen. Wind partition has many styles, so it has good aesthetics, so it is gradually popular as a kind of screen.

Of course, the surface color of metal screen can be changed according to your needs, such as coffee, purple red, bronze, black and so on. Generally speaking, the durability of metal screen is relatively high, its stable quality makes it more durable, and the shape also has variability.

Reminder is that although metal screen style is changeable, color is also diversified, but we must choose according to the interior decoration style, such as indoor decoration for Chinese style, then the shape and color of metal screen should also be able to show Chinese characteristics, so that the overall interior decoration can match harmoniously.

Previous well-off meals were meals with meat, but now the trend is green, pollution-free and healthy vegetable nutrition. People used to advocate industrial cities, but now they say they should return to nature. Are we going back?

Not necessarily, stainless steel screen manufacturers tell you that the expansion of vision enables us to see the problem more comprehensively, according to the current actual situation to choose the direction of demand, is both reverse development, the situation is different. It’s like partitioning a screen. Although it still retains the ancient art of screen, it’s quite different in itself.

The Inevitability of Screen Isolation Craftsmanship

As the saying goes, “Jade can’t be carved without artifacts”, the ultimate value of jade is largely reflected in the level of carving technology. “On 100-year-old work, review current affairs, distinguish merits and tribulations, and make good use of them, they will be put aside, so that carving literary talent dare not be made exclusively at home, and the work of the engineers will be the same.” It is every craftsman’s duty to carve something delicately and practically. Stainless steel screen technology is gorgeous, after years of experience of senior craftsmen carefully pondered, giving stainless steel high-end taste and artistic value.

Technological innovation makes progress

Ancient crafts should be inherited, but conservatism can not make the process develop further. The mortise and tenon structures are less and less used in modern times. The reason is that the force acting on the structure violates the principle that the performance of modern joints can not be inferior to that of members, and is not the optimal structure. In order to innovate the stainless steel screen technology, our company imports advanced machinery from abroad, and sets up its own plate processing team, in order to push the products to a higher level, stainless steel metal, only high-end screen.

Handsome appearance, strong inner, burning will, immersive determination! Handicraft screen, highlighting the grade and grade.

Screen partition can be divided into many styles, the hollow process is one of the more popular styles. In the modern decoration industry, it is widely used, so how to design, how thick metal plate can better play the function of metal grid screen?

The so-called hollowing process is to use laser cutting technology to sculpt on metal materials, such as metal plate, or aluminium alloy material to hollow out the pattern and make the screen pattern. Take metal plate for example, the common material label of metal plate is 201_ Many, so 304 metal is widely used in various high-end places, such as hotels, villas, clubs, restaurants.

The high-power laser cutting machine for hollow metal screen made by our metal manufacturer can cut metal plate with thickness of 1mm-20mm by laser to meet the needs of different decorations and workpieces. If we want to make hollow metal screen, it is common to use 3 mm thick metal plate. 3 mm in the industry will be called 3 cm thick, which means millimeter. Making hollow metal screen with 3 mm thick metal plate has the following characteristics.

1.3mm thick hollow metal screen has certain strength, and there will be no deformation when the 3mm thick metal plate is lifted and placed on the laser operating table. So the 3mm thick metal plate is used to carve patterns. Laser cutting hollow thick, the screen will not oscillate and sway, thus ensuring the hollow metal screen. The wind is firm and stable. The carved hollow metal screen made of 3 mm thick metal plate can be stitched together, up to 8 meters, so that if customers want to purchase the hollow metal screen in the hotel lobby, they can meet the demand.

2.3mm thick hollow metal screen, its quality will not be too heavy. Custom-made hollow metal screen, if the size of the screen is too large, will certainly make its outer frame bear greater strength. Generally speaking, 3 mm thick hollow metal screen can be made with 1.0 mm thick metal profile outer frame to fix the frame. However, to make 10 mm carved hollow metal screen, it is usually necessary to pick up. Fixed with 80*80 outer frame, 2.0 mm thick metal profile outer frame. Therefore, the use of 3 mm thick metal plate is ideal.

3.3mm thick hollow metal screen is cheaper. Usually, this thickness of metal screen has a certain stereoscopic display effect, because the metal plate used is not too thick, so its price is usually more than 1,000 yuan per square, with a good cost advantage.

In addition, metal lattice screen is widely used in modern decoration industry. If you like, you can also consider using this screen for home decoration. As can be seen from the feedback of many customers, this kind of screen has developed very rapidly in the decoration industry. To carry out decoration design, you might as well consider this kind of screen design, so that the original design of beautiful and generous house, more highlights, more sex.

In house decoration, people often attach the most importance to the living room decoration and layout, it is easy to ignore the decoration of the porch. In fact, in the overall design of the room, the porch is the first impression of the place, can clearly reflect the master’s cultural temperament. The design of porch is a part of home design, so its style should be in harmony with the whole indoor environment, and to a large extent, the porch is also a miniature of the indoor style. What are the main points of attention in porch design?

1. Pay attention to sandblasting transparency of champagne gold

Because of the limited area of small apartments, the distance between the entrance and the entrance is narrower. The design of the entrance should pay attention to the permeability. Hollow partition and cabinet are the common elements of small-sized porch. Chinese and Western style permeable pattern, pillar, combination of cabinet and pillar, semi-high cabinet body, semi-cabinet suspension, screen, silk curtain are all very good permeable partition, without depression.

2. Proportion should be coordinated

The width of the entrance is best the width of the door plus the width of the door stack, generally in the 90-110 cm. If the width of the entrance is small, it will affect the effect of the entrance, and the aesthetics is not high, and the width of the entrance cabinet should be around 90 cm to be more comfortable.

3. Style should be consistent

The entrance position of the porch reflects the taste of the whole family, so the design of the porch must be consistent and coordinated with the overall style of home decoration. The local design of the porch can be more elaborate and more thoughtful, such as the Chinese porch, you can choose a slightly sophisticated porch cabinet.

4. Violet Wire Drawing Material Should Be Warm

The design of porch generally recommends the use of warm materials, wood, yarn, cloth art, etc., while less glass, mirror, stainless steel and other reflective materials give people a cold feeling. Comparatively exquisite can use semi-permeable wood pattern, wooden columns, column cabinet combination, semi-high cabinet body, wooden screen, silk yarn curtain and other materials, with local glass, metal curtain and other materials.

5. Huxing decides the design of porch

Huxing decides how to design the small hut entrance. For example, the small hut with open hut structure is difficult to find the location where the entrance can be made. It can only be used as semi-occlusion or other types of entrance. For example, after entering the door is a narrow corridor door, to the end of the door can only go to the living room and bedroom, this type of door can only be decorated on the opposite wall, basically can not do the real sense of the porch.