Its businesses include import and export, E-commerce, seawater desalination engineering, stainless steel products manufacturing, researching and developing advanced products and other investments.

In addition, by virtue of the geographical and industrial advantages, we gradually establish an open platform connecting high quality supplier resources involving construction material, furniture, kitchenware, sanitary and other areas.

Our core value is to integrate industrial resources, connect supply- demand chain and provide a complete business solution for our partners, cooperate and achieve mutual improvement with them.

Gemjill Metal Technology Co., Ltd. is a design & manufacturing firm specializing in the creation of decorative steel products used to enhance exterior and interior spaces—metal partitions, stainless steel frames, furniture and auxiliary accessories, metal ceiling panels, customized door, wine cabinet, etc.

In possession of a complete production line, Genjill gradually realizes visualization during production—from raw material, slitting, welding, PVD color coating and assembling, so we can control the quality in each processing. By virtue of 100+ major cases experience over the past 15 years, Gemjill now excels in the one-stop solution for projects from designing to manufacturing and installation guidance.

Strength and scale

Strong strength, complete equipment, large scale


One-stop Production,apply full welding to achieve seamless joint