Speaking of screen partition, I believe you are not unfamiliar with it. In fact, it belongs to a kind of partition, which plays the role of dividing spatial levels, beautifying, windshielding, coordination and so on. To put it plainly, it is the effect of dividing functional areas and transition. Screens are common in family decoration, hotel decoration and office partition. So the key point is that there are glass screens, stone screens, metal screens and so on. What’s the most important thing to say today, of course, is the beautiful and durable metal screen. So next, take a minute to explain what a metal screen is, and take you to appreciate the beauty of different rigidity!

metal screen can be said to be a popular decorative partition in recent years. It is mainly customized. It is innovative on the basis of wooden screen partition. It has been replaced by metal on the basis of previous wood partition. Because metal has a long service life and corrosion resistance, and now metal has a variety of colors and styles, which are also better than wooden screen. Wind partition has many styles, so it has good aesthetics, so it is gradually popular as a kind of screen.

Of course, the surface color of metal screen can be changed according to your needs, such as coffee, purple red, bronze, black and so on. Generally speaking, the durability of metal screen is relatively high, its stable quality makes it more durable, and the shape also has variability.

Reminder is that although metal screen style is changeable, color is also diversified, but we must choose according to the interior decoration style, such as indoor decoration for Chinese style, then the shape and color of metal screen should also be able to show Chinese characteristics, so that the overall interior decoration can match harmoniously.

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